(Watch) 105 year old American woman breaks record in 100meter race

● 105 year old American woman breaks record in 100 meter race

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● The 105 year old woman told CBS news her husband died beside her in his sleep while.

● She said she husband sang for her all through the night and never got up the next morning and to her, that’s the best way to go.

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“I don’t have a dream, I just want to go to sleep and let it end. That’s what my husband did, we were sleeping together and he sang love songs to me that night, wonderful songs. So, that’s a wonderful way to go” she told CBS news

Julia Hawkins whose husband died at 95 was running for the record books at the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games. She ran a 100 meter race and was first, in less than a minute and three seconds, setting a world.

She has become oldest American and the first woman to run 100 meters in her age group. David, journalist from CBS asked Julia Hawkins whether she would love to have another race and she was like, right now?.

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“You wanna do it again. Yeah, right now?. No how about at 106?. Maybe so. Who knows, I will see how I feel whewhi get up in the morning” she jokingly answered

She told David she’s able to stay in shape by mostly jogging a mile or two a day near her Baton Rouge house she and her husband put together in 1948.

She told David she never had in mind to be a record holder and she didn’t even know she could live for so long.

“Are you impressed by it? No, not particularly. I had too many other wonderful things before this. This is just a drop in the bucket. Watch video below

Source: CBS

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