Family sue boyfriend after their daughter injected his HIV positive blood into her body to prove her love

The family of a teenage girl, who injected her boyfriend’s HIV positive blood into her body to prove love foe him, has suffered her boyfriend. The 15 year old teen girl from India made headlines news over the counter decision. Its reported that the pair met through Facebook and had been together for three and half years before she injected herself.

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They both had trued to run away together on a multiple occasions in the past but the girl’s parent had tracked them down to bring their daughter home each time, Kalinga TV India reports.

In a development the boyfriend has been detained by the police while the girl is understood to have been under the watch of doctors. The girl is reported to have been aware of the risk she took when she used the syringe to inject herself, although there is no information yet or not her boyfriend was aware of what her intentions were.

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The girls family members are also reported to have taken legal action against the boyfriend after finding out.

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