15year Iranian school girl dies after being beaten by security forces

Asra Panahi

Another innocent Iranian woman, just 15years of age has been killed in a raid

Brave Iranian famous women, those not popular and many of them have been on the streets for weeks. A beautiful 15year Asra Panahi has been brutaly Killed by security forces according to tutors of the innocent student. Asra Panahi gave up the ghost October 13th after officers attacked Shahed High School in the countries Northwestern City of Ardabil.

Large number of Iranians protesting are said to have been killed or injured on protest grounds. The protest erupted after the sudden passing of a 22year old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini. She was held in detention center for improperly wearing of the hijab. She died after an alleged security assault but authorities later confirmed she died because of an underlining health condition.

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Schol authorities gave account how the puplil were taken to town for an “ideological event” at a spot known to be a dense area for Amini’s protest. Many of the students seeing how brave Iranian women and men were protesting also decided to join. They started chanting war songs and slogans against discrimination and inequality in Iran. Authorities also revealed how they were beaten by security officials on their return to campus, which landed some of them in the hospital. Unluckily, Asra Panahi passed on.

“After that one of the pupils Asra Panahi unfortunately passed away in the hospital and a number of students were arrested. The council calls on the system and military and security to stop their transgressions against schools. The council also calls on the system to stop the killing of innocent people and defendless protesters”

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