18year old bride dies from heart attack during sex on wedding night

It all happened in Brazil after a couple had gotten married at the husband’s farm during the day according to The sun news outlet. The lady had earlier on collapsed hours to their wedding at their home in the city of Ibirite, Brazil on Thursday evening.

According to The Sun, she started feeling unwell and dizzy so the groom became very disturbed and called for neighbours to assist after which he pleaded with a taxi driver to help take his wife to the hospital but he turned down the request. The second taxi he called also refused but to their surprised, he advised the couple to call for emergency service.

The beautiful bride couldn’t breathe after waiting for quite a long period before the paramedics arrived. She was later confirmed to have suffered heart attack so on the way to the hospital, she passed on.

Neighbours expressed their sadness on hearing the demise of the young lady. According to them, they didn’t hear any noise of harassment nor any signal of foul play overnight. But a post mortem examination conducted confirmed the woman had history of bronchitis, so it was just coincidental that she had died on that sad note.

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