20 facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth was Britain’s longest monarch who reigned from February 6, 1952 until her demise on September 8, 2022

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20. Queen Elizabeth II of blessed memory never went to school

The longest monarch in the world never went to school. She was schooled at home by private tutors, who thought her institutional history, law and French language which she spoke fluently. The Queen revealed time and again how she missed formal education where she could have nice time with her colleagues.

19. She was the Queen regnant of 32 sovereign nations across the world when she was alive and 15 until her death

Aside being the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Alexander Mary was also Queen of Commonwealth realms from February 6, 1952 until her passing in September 2022. She reigned for 70years, 214 days making her:
  • The second longest verified reign of any monarch in history
  • The longest British Monarch in history
  • The longest recorded of any female head of state in history

18. She has been a protagonist is over 200 movies worldwide

The Queen has been portrayed in over 200 films across the world according to movie ranking website, IMDb. She was part of the stories of famous Harry Potter TV series. Harry Potter and the Queens hand bag was aired on her 80th birthday almost two decades ago.

facts about Queen Elizabeth

She also won a BAFTA award in 2013 which was in “recognition of her outstanding patronage of the film and television industries”

17. The Queen was a dog lover and her favourite was Corgis

She adores Corgis a lot. She became a dog lover after her father King George VI of blessed memory bought one in the 1930s and called it Dookie. Her dad, Albert Frederick Arthur George became King George VI after his brother King Edward VIII stepped aside to marry his American love, Wallis Simpson.

16. She needs no passport to travel around the world

The Queen needed no passport to travel across the globe when she was alive because British passport is issued in her name, which makes it unnecessary that she carries one when travelling. However, all other members of the Royal family have passports. But now that she’s no more, her successor King Charles III will also have that special treatment since British passport will now be issued in his name

15. The Queen was one of the most protected persons in the world when she was alive.

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14. Queen Elizabeth had no drivers licence when she was alive

The British Drivers licence is also issued the sovereign’s name just like passports. British new King will enjoy this privilege too.

13. Queen Elizabeth is worth $600

The Queen has at least $600 million. So she was not a billionaire like many purported.

Late Queen Elizabeth II and her dear husband late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh were cousins. He was a third cousin of Her Majesty as both were great great grandchildren of Queen Victoria. She fell in love with Prince Philip when she was only 13years old. They later married in November 1947.

11. The Queen understood the power visuals

She does not joke with her looks. She was absolute class when it came to her choice of dress, hairstyle, her shoes right to her handbag etc. She had her own fashion designer.

10. One of the jewels in the crown is a diamond from India (the Koh-i-noor)

The Kor-i-noor diamond which literally means ‘light of the world’ in Persian is a diamond from India. It became a huge issue and controversy after the Queens demise for British government to return the diamond to India. Many believe the Kor-i-noor diamond had been stolen from India centuries ago. They believe it was stolen from British colonialists under the rulership of Punjab. Its a 108 carat diamond, the world’s most expensive diamond.

9. Though the Queen loved all English clubs, her favourites are Arsenal and West Ham United

According to mirror.co.uk, a spokesperson revealed the Queen’s favourite club when she was alive. According to him, though they can’t really tell which club she really supported, two clubs have been compelling in the Premier league and they are Arsenal and West Ham United.

“The Queen over her reign has watched a number of football matches and often used to present the cup at the FA Cup Final. Which team she supports is not something we would know”

8. She owned a home at a tender age of six

The Queen was just six when she became a homeowner. The people of Wales gifted her a house when she was just six in the grounds of Windsor’s Royal Lodge. The house was named Y Bwthyn Bach which means “little cottage”

7. She was served by 15 UK Prime Ministers

The Queen was served by 15 United Kingdom Prime ministers including the newly elected, Liz Truss before her passing.

6. She met 13 American Presidents in her life time

The Queen had the opportunity to work with 13 American President’s in her 70years of being the Queen of Britain, right from President Truman to President Biden

5. Instead of one birthday, the Queen actually two

She celebrated two birthdays. She was born on April 21, 1926, her official birthday celebrations don’t take place until the second Saturday of June. This is a tradition that was started by King George II in 1748. Though he was born in November, the weather wasn’t good for celebrations and therefore decided to celebrate a second birthday at the year’s best.

4. The Queens birthday place is now a fancy Cantonses restaurant

the place is called Hakkasan at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair.

3. The Queen favourite food

The Queen enjoyed smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise and cream cheese. She loved a traditional tea that included sandwiches with the above mentioned.

2. It is said that the Queen loved to retire to bed at around 10:30 am in the evening

The Queen does that to get a good night’s sleep. It is also said that the Queen’s regular exercise, even at her age helped her a lot.

1. How she became Queen

Let’s give you a little history of how Queen Elizabeth became British Queen to end it all. She became Queen after the sudden demise of King George VI, her daddy after he succumbed to lung cancer in Kenya at age 56 on February 6, 1952. She was just 25years old when it happened. Making her the sixth woman in Britain history to ascend the throne.

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