20 facts about Vladimir Putin you may not know

Vladimir Putin is the most protected person in the world. Can you believe that?. Is the Russian President losing his power after invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022?

We take you through 20 facts about Vladimir Putin, facts you may not know

Vladimir Putin became President of Russia in May 7, 2001

20. Vladimir Putin is a Russian Politician who is serving as current President

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is his full name. He is a Russian Politician who has been in the political space for more than two decades.

19. Vladimir Putin became Prime Minister in 1999

In 1999, Putin became the Prime Minister of Russia through Yeltsin’s appointment. In that same year, Putin was Secretary of the Russian Security Council

18. Vladimir Putin became President on May 7, 2000

Became President of Russia in March 26, 2000. He was sworn into office on May 7, 2000 to 2008. He later became Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012

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17. Vladimir Putin was born in October 7, 1952 in Russia at S.t Petersburg to a Russian father Vladimir Putin who was a factory foreman. His mothers name is Maria Putin.

16. He was born into a poor family in Leningrad, Saint Petersburg (formally Soviet Union). He’s the youngest sibling of three children.

15. He assisted America after the 9/11 attack

Putin allowed America to use their airspace after the terrorist attack that killed thousands in 2001. Today, Americans remember nearly 3000 people killed in world’s worst terrorist attack, 9/11 He also joined the United States in search and rescue missions. But tensions rose between the two countries after America reached a decision on Saddam Hussein because Russia was opposed to the plan. Germany, France were also not in support of the plan.

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14. Putin was married to Lyudmila putina but the couple divorced later

He was married to his lovely wife, Lyudmila Putina on July 28, 1983 before the wife filed for divorce in 2014 because his political career took more of his time. He has two children, Maria and Yekaterina. She had raised concerns that they hardly see each other since Putin was all over the place, probably building his political career.

13. Vladimir Putin is the most protected person in the world

This will shock you. Russia President Vladimir Putin is the most protected person in the world. He is protected with over 3,000 security guards with armored cars and a dedicated security unit that collects information on any perceived threats. Read more on 7 most protected people in the world, facts on their security

12. He signed constitutional amendments into law which could allow him to remain in office

Maybe Putin wants to be in power forever or until he dies. He signed a constitutional amendments into law which could allow him to seek two 6 year terms when his tenure ends in 2024. Putin will be in his early 70s if he successfully end his tenure in 2024 and it will be dramatic if he still want to lead, something many experts warn there may be a coup

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11. Putin is an advocate for animal rights

He’s a strong advocate for animal rights. He has a pack of dogs in his house as he’s passionate about animals. He also pushes for laws that can be put in place to protect animals. The law requires taking good care of pets.

10. He has tested power all his life since he became a political figure

Vladimir Putin has been consistently realm of affairs in his political career. He has been in the Presidential seat since he became President. He started as a President in 1999/2000. Over two decades, he held onto power. Suggested:“Who gave NATO the right to kill Gadhafi?” Vladimir Putin asks furiously 10 yrs ago (video)

9. Under his leadership us President, Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2014. Russia began a war known as the Russo-Ukrainian war. Which led to the annexation of Crimea

8. Putin invaded Ukraine again on February 2022

On February 24, 2020 Vladimir Putin launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine. War condemned by world leaders. Here is an updated list of the number of soldiers that continue to die after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Nearly 30,000 troops have died according to Ukrainian officials.

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7. Putin’s parents witnessed world war III. In fact his daddy was injured and disabled in the process through shelling and heavy bombardments. And little Vladimir Putin as young as he was during that era witnessed some of these grim moments. Even if he didn’t or wasn’t born, he must be told every bit of it. The war by Nazi Germany in 1941 caused his family a lot. They were already poor people and the bombs made things worse and uncertain for them. Putin had two brothers, Albert and Viktor who lost their lives to the war.

His father Vladimir Putin took a factory job while his mother washed test tubes and swept the streets after the war.

6. Putin if not the richest in the world is among the world’s richest. He lives a very luxurious lifestyle, having mansions and superyachts all over the place. Russian government claims he earns $140,000 every month. His assets were also disclosed to the public of him having a trailer, three cars and an 800 square foot apartment but the President is believed to own even more business empires and properties across the world. Experts say his assets could be worth $200billion. Vladimir Putin is said to be one of the secret billionaires in the world as his properties, actual wealth is not known.

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5. Vladimir Putin was not a decent student growing up. He went to Leningrad school No. 281, which only accepts intelligent people. It was published during his school days of him “throwing chalkboard erasers at children”. It was also discovered that he on occasions will not do his homework. “He didn’t do his math homework, behaved badly during singing class and talks in class”

5. Putin believes in the Orthodox Church and have this aggressive policy and conservative values. He believe in the cultural and practices of Russia, and is 100% opposed to the ideologies of the West. Leader of the Russian Orthodox church Patriarch Kirill have been backing his invasion of Ukraine since it began. Under his leadership, Russia implemented a law which prohibits people to be Christians. Even though the constitution says citizens are free to practice any faith denominations.

3. Putin to undergo cancer surgery according to reports. Though the Russian government have not confirmed that Vladimir Putin is battling cancer, there have been several Ukrainian outlets who reported about the President’s cancer status.

2. Though Russian autocracy system was abolished in 1917, it is believe the country is still being run on the ideas of autocracy. Experts believe Putin has successfully achieved that. Democracy was introduced in Russia in 1993. And since, the country’s biggest party (United Russia) have been enjoying massive success with Putin as incumbent leader.

1. He is said to have a soft spot for Donald Trump, Donald Trump: 10 facts about the 45th President of America.

Nearly 1,000 Americans banned from entering RUSSIA, including Morgan Freeman, Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden and other profile political figures but couldn’t ban Donald Trump, something many Americans described as unjustifiable. The former American President also warned that Putin invading Ukraine could be dangerous because the only leader who could stop him is him, Trump: Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump

source: News247gh.com. updated May 23, 2022

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