20year old Russian soldier faces 12years in prison for raping Ukrainian women

Ukrainian authorities vow to hunt down Russian soldiers who committed atrocities in Ukraine

20year old Bulak Fassakhov faces up to 12years in prison for raping Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian authorities have identified him as one of Russian soldiers who have raped Ukrainian women in Kyiv, Oblast, Bucha etc.

A 21year old Russian soldier, Vadym Shyshimarin is also currently facing trial for the murder of a 62year old. Read more: Ukraine puts first Russian soldier on war crimes trial

Many of such cases have been reported by Ukrainian media outlets.

The latest case of Bulak Fassakhov which was identified by the SBU revealed it has noticed over “1,140 Russian invaders who committed atrocities against civilians in Kyiv region”

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“In the photo, one of those who raped women. This is Bulak Fassakhov Lenarovich, born on November 20, 2001” SBU said

Ukraine officials have vowed to hunt all who committed those atrocities in Ukraine. Bulak Fassakhov is said to have raped two Ukrainian women in a village in Brovary district near Kyiv and has been declared suspect. According to reports, most of these soldiers have violated the rules of conduct of war and must face the consequences of their crimes eg. for raping Ukrainian women.

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