21year old Russian soldier pleads guilty to killing 62year old Ukrainian civilian

Ukrainian officials are doing everything possible in making sure the killings of civilians are not in vain

21year old Russian soldier Vadym Shyshimarin pleads guilty to killing a Ukrainian civilian. He becomes the first soldier to be put on war crimes trial.

The 62year old Ukrainian man who was on bicycle in a village of Chupakhivka in the sumy region which is about 200miles of Ukrainian capital, Kyiv innocent man saw his untimely death after four days when Russian occupiers invaded Ukraine.

He admitted to have killed the 60year old Ukrainian with AK-74 rifle when the man saw him stealing a vehicle. Read more:20year old Russian soldier faces 12years in prison for raping Ukrainian women

Vadym Shyshimarin in court on Wednesday May 18, 2022 pleaded guilty to killing the old Ukrainian Sumy Oblast.

Now that he has pleaded guilty to killing him, he’s likely to ne in prison for a long time. After all it’s murder. And Ukrainian officials are not taking it kindly with Russian occupiers who committed atrocities on their land.

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