22year old NBA YoungBoy welcomes his 10th child

American rapper YoungBoy is only 22years

American rapper NBA Youngboy already has 10 children, amd he’s just 22yeas old. Several American media outlets posted a beautiful picture of him with his new baby in at the hospital.

Netizens marvel as to how he’s able to have 10 babies at just 22years old. The rapper has lots of life ahead of him and he could be setting a world record. At his age, he has now successfully had his 10 child with the eight woman. Yes eight women. Are you surprised ?.

Here is a picture of the brand new baby that has joined the family.

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What are people about NBA Youngboy?

“He got out of the getto but the getto is still inside him. He’ll surely regret his later years with plenty of child support to keep up with. And he’ll not likely make it to the greats because of female destructio” Tunde

“10 kids from 8 different women. And he’s 22years old. what Kevjitsu

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