27 migrants have died trying to reach the United Kingdom

27 migrants have died trying to reach the United Kingdom

At least 27 people have drowned trying to reach the United Kingdom for greener pastures

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Reports that they have been identified, including a pregnant woman and three children. They got drowned off the coast of France on Wednesday after a boat carrying them to reach Britain capsized in the English Channel

Reports say some of the migrants were trying to cross came from Iran, Iraq, Sudan etc. but mostly Middle East countries. According to the BBC, they were not carrying with them any valuable documents so identifying them was very difficult. The boat carrying them was inflatable leading to this devastating news. This is the worst disaster ever recorded in the English Channel reports say

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DW News says two governments, Britain and France are blaming human traffickers but but activists are holding politicians accountable. Activists have been protesting outside the French port of calais. One of the activists, Mehdi Dimpre who is also a Calais resident expressed his frustrations.

“It’s serious, it makes me angry, it’s not normal that things happen like that and it’s not normal that at the politician level this is where we are today”

United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson also blame gang smugglers who encourage them to go have such journeys.

“What this shows is that the gangs who are sending people to see in these dangerous craft will literally stop at nothing” he said.

“The shipwreck in the English Channel is a tragedy. My thoughts are with the many missing and injured, victims of criminal smugglers who exploit their distress and misery” Jean Castex, French Prime Minister also said

“At sea, it was dramatic. There were bodies floating. It was very shocking so we recovered all the people we saw onboard” a rescuer told DW.

According to the DW, around 31500 people have tried to cross the channel to Britain this year alone.

Source: DW News

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