316 people are shot and 106 are killed every day in America

What measures can the United States implement to stop gun violence?. Gun Violence is becoming a major canker in America.

President of the United States Joe Biden has revealed that about 316 people are shot every day in the country. He also revealed 106 are killed in the process.

The question is what measures are being implemented to stop gun violence, what gun control measures is America putting in place to end this it?

There have been several reports on gun control in the United States. Many Americans want the government to develop a long lasting solution to curb mass shooting and gun violence in some states. Most of them have been associated to Black communities in the U.S.

President Joe Biden posted on social media to confirm the alarming situation. Gun violence has taken people’s loved ones from them. Some have lost their family heads, bread winners of their families through gun violence and it has become a major canker to tackle.

The President said he travelled to New York yesterday purposely to see key stakeholders and leaders on the matter.

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“Every day in this country, 316 people are shot and 106 are killed. Enough, the scourge of gun violence has to end. Today, I travelled to New York to meet with leaders to discuss how we can work together to reduce gun crime and make our communities safer” President Biden posted.

Many Americans are of the view that the nation is under serious attack, and if critical attention and stringent measures are not taken to stop it, it could be devastating. Imagine Americans killing Americans. That is ridiculously unimaginable and unforgivable. This is just another form of a terrorist attack.

What are some of the causes of these shootings and killings

Let’s take a brief look at the causes of some of these gun violence.

  • Most of these attacks are caused by racists

Some of these attacks can be triggered by racists. You remember George Floyd’s case?. There have been countless of white folks attacking black folks and vice versa.

  • Drugs

Most of these cases can also be instigated by drug addicts. Cases of people especially teenagers and people between age 20 to 30 getting more addicted to drugs is becoming a matter of concern. There have been countless reports of young folks being intoxicated and engaging in criminal acts.

  • Mental health issues

This is a huge problem not only in the United States but a global issue. Ask yourself what will actually cause a teenager or a young individual to walk straight into a school gathering, a supermarket and start shooting people. Some even do it and eventually, ending shooting themselves in the process. Is this normal?. No it isn’t.

There are a lot of factors that lead to gun violence and the killing of people. We shall look deeper into that later.

What gun control measures is the government implementing to stop it?. Are these measures effective to stop gun violence?

The current administration is working to curb the trending terror. Biden said his administration will do everything to “stand up to the gun lobby” to help solve the problem. There are other Individuals, including activists pushing the government to act fast.

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