35year old Gabriel Boric becomes youngest President of Chile

35years old Gabrial Boric becomes youngest President of Chile

The Leftist former student leader cruise to a sensational win ro become one of the youngest leaders

“Excited to exercise the right to vote in my dear Magellan. From here I invite you to participate in this process as well. Today Chile needs you, so that hope wins over fear” Gabriel Boric said hours ago when he went to casts his vote.

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Gabriel Boric who is a Socialist candidate defeats a far right candidate Jose Antonio Kast.

Outgoing President of Chile congratulated him on his win. “I want to congratulate you and wish you the best of success in your government. It is the highest citizen participation in a long time. The Chileans have confidence in you is a example of democracy. You’re part of that and I congratulate you.

Gabriel Boric was a student activists who held many protests. He got massive endorsement from the people after winning with over 50% of total votes casts.

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“mind blowing scenes in Santiago, where hundreds of thousands have flocked onto the streets to celebrate Boric’s victory” the newly president elect said.

Colleagues and leaders across the world have also sent their congratulatory messages to Boric, who will be sworn into office early next year.

“Huge congratulations to Gabriel Boric elected as socialist president of Chile. A victory for hope and change. El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido” Jeremy Corbyn former leader of UK Labour Party said.

some journalists in Chile also express their satisfaction on his success.

“Boric spoke wonderful. Really a speech full of hope. Although his Presidency will face a tough opposition” a chilean journalist Boris said.

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