5 Russian Generals who have been killed in Ukraine

Five Russian Major Generals who have died in Ukraine

5 RUSSIAN Generals who have been killed in Ukraine

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5 Russian Generals who have been killed in Ukraine so far since the war begun

Ukraine officials said 5 RUSSIAN Generals have been eliminated so far since Ukraine’s invasion.

Ukrainian armed forces report the death of Russia’s fith General, Lieutenant General Andrei Mordvichev who was killed March 19, 2022. Mordvichev Commanded the 8th Guards Combined Arms Army

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“As a result of the inflicting fire damage on the enemy, the commander of the 8th General Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was killed” Ukraine military, @GeneralStaffUA posted on twitter

Ukrainian forces also confirmed the killing of Major General Oleg Mityaev in Mariupol. He was the Commander of 150th Motorized rifle decision of Russian Army. He was killed March 14, 2022

Russian forces are said to have flattened Mariupol by continues Russian shelling as we speak. Several residents have been displaced after fight between Ukrainian soldiers and Russia intensifies at Mariupol.

Major General Andrei Kolesnikov was also killed on March 17 by Ukrainian soldiers. Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky and Major General Vitaly Gerasimov were also killed on February 28 and March 7, 2022 respectively.

Vitaly is said to have been killed near Kharkiv with several army men. He was chief of staff and first deputy commander of the 41st Army, Central Military district.

As of now, Russian forces announced they have taken Kherson but Ukraine soldiers have been fighting against the occupation.

According to the United Nations, there have been 2,246 casualties out of which at least 847 civilians including children 64 have been killed, and 1,399 severely wounded since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More than 20% of Ukrainians have either been displaced or have fled Ukraine the report says.

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