50 Ukrainian civilians dead after Russian rockets hit train station in Kramatorsk

50 Ukrainian civilians have been killed by Russian soldiers in Kramatorsk train station, with many severely wounded


At least 50 UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS have been killed in KRAMATORSK. Over 100 Ukrainians have also been severely wounded after the tragic incident. Several bodies of Ukrainian civilians were seen on the floor with blood oozing all over.

Other Ukrainians who have been gravely injured were also seen on the floor as they struggle to survive Russian Indiscriminate attack.

Several world leaders including Ukrainian Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba have condemned the attack on innocent Ukrainian civilians who were at the tain station waiting to be evacuated.

Mr. Dmytro Kuleba described the attack as a deliberate attempt by Russian occupiers in KRAMATORSK.

“Russians knew that the train station in Kramatorsk was full of civilians waiting to be evacuated. Yet they stroke it with a balistic missile, killing at least 30 and injuring at least a hundred people. This was a deliberate slaughter. We will bring each war criminal to justice” he posted on his twitter page.

This was what he posted hours after the heinous incident but there have been more deaths. The death toll now rises to 50, including five children, Ukrainian Member of Parliament Yevheniya confirms.

Here’s a disturbing video of the horrific incident shared by war journalist, Christopher Miller on twitter

EUROPEAN UNION Commission Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrel Fontelles also condemned the killing of 39 Ukrainian civilians by Russian occupiers.

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“I strongly condemn this morning’s Indiscriminate attack against a train station in Kramatorsk by Russia, which killed dozens of people and left many more wounded. This is yet another attempt to close escape routes for those fleeing this unjustified war and cause human suffering” he posted on twitter.

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