50cent’s son Marquise Jackson says the $6,700 his father gives him every month is not enough (Video)

Marquise Jackson has complained bitterly of his father’s child support duties, claims the money given to him every month is not enough

Many American social media commentators lambasted 50cent’s son Marquise Jackson for saying his father’s child support funds of $6,700 every month is not enough for him, and is currently demanding more from the ace rapper.

What are people reading on the Internet?

Who is Marquise Jackson?

Marquise Jackson is the son of ace American rapper 50cent and Shanique Tompkins.

Where does Marquise Jackson live?

He lives in the United States, Los Angeles, California precisely.

Does Marquise Jackson have siblings?

Yes he have one sibling actually. And her name is Mia Jackson. How tall is Marquise Jackson?. He’s 1.75m tall

How much does Marquise Jackson receive from 50cent as child support?

He receives approximately $6,700 as child support from his daddy 50cent Every month but says its still not enough. That’s about 80,000 American dollars a year.

Many social media users in the United States and across the world took to their platforms to express their displeasure of his utterances. To them, that’s just too much to give a child, who says it’s not even enough for him. In fact someone in Africa or any of the deprived places in the world may be looking for just $1,000 to start his/her business. But here’s one thing we all should know; life is actually not fair sadly. And at times, we must accept our fate and live. However, reactions from some also agree with him.

Here are some reactions on twitter

“$6,700 a month is not a whole lot in general. It’s a lot for doing nothing I suppose though. But then I don’t know ny details here I said what i said, most of y’all don’t have any real financial responsibilities if you think that’s a lot. Holla at me when you have a familyto take care of” Hyndrx

“Rich kids have it so easy and still fins ways to complain” They loveless

“There’s no taxes on that 6,700. That’s $80k a month, imagine if he also have a decent job. Could easily be making $170k a year” M Mitchell

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