7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, tsunami alert issued

7.5 magnitude earthquake hits parts of Japan

7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Japan, tsunami alert issued

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits northern side of Japan according to reports.

The “powerful magnitude earthquake off the coast of Fukushima in northern Japan has triggered a tsunami advisory” The Associated Press said.

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That part of Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in 2011 that caused many adversities. Wednesday’s earthquake shook large parts of eastern Japan including Tokyo, The AP said. Japan Meteorological Agency told news reporters the earthquake struck 60 kilometres below the sea. And have issued advisory measures to commuters. It includes up to a meter sea surge in parts of Fukushima and Miyagi areas.

NHK national television said the tsunami may have already reached these above mentioned areas.

Below is a video footage posted on twitter by Insider Paper.

The EMSC who reports on natural disaster also confirmed it.

“tsunami risk under evaluation depending on earthquake Coastline distance. Tsunami can be local 100km, regional 1000km or distance 1000km. Be ready to follow national authorities directives”

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