7 most protected people in the world, facts on their security

7 most protected people in the world, facts about their security

here’s a list of 7 most protected people in the world and some facts on their security

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7. El Chapo

El Chapo is the most protected prisoner. The drug lord was able to escape from the Puente Grande prison by hiding inside a laundry cart. 62 prison officers were charged for helping him to escape. This was in 2001. He was rearrested in 2014 in the Pacific Resort city of Mazatian and taken to El Altiplano.

El Chapo escaped again in 2016 by the help of prison officers and a group of engineers on the outside. He was able to escape through a hole underneath his shower stall that led to the long tunnel. He was arrested years after and currently in prison. The drug lord is under watch 24/7 by armed gaurds. He sleeps in different cells every night. Dogs who help gaurd him also have to taste his food on fears of poisoning.

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6. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin is the most protected corpes. There’s a maloseum in Moscow, Russia that serves as the final resting place for the former Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin. His remains have been under protection 24/7 in the past 95 years. Sources say its the most important thing Russia has.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the most protected sovereign in the world. The first United Kingdom Monarch to celebrate a sapphire jubilee.

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4. Pope Francis

Pope Francis is the most protected religious leader in the world. He lives in Rome, Vatican city, a city that is heavily guarded. The Pope is under the protection of the Swiss guard, longest standing military in the world.

3. Mark Zuckerberg

Founder of Facebook now Meta, Mark Zuckerberg is the most protected CEO in the world. He spent approximately 23 million on security with $7.3 million on his bodyguards and his home and travels.

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2. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un is the supreme leader of North Korea. Kim is the most protected dictator in the world. He has up to 90,000 soldiers at his disposal. The security team protecting him also include 12 highly trained martial artists who jogs alongside his Limousine wherever he travels.

1. Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has been in power over two decades. He’s the most protected person in the world. Putin has so much power. Read moreVladimir Putin: 10 facts about him you may not know

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