80year old walked to Ukrainian soldiers to be enlisted

The 80year old says he was joining the army for his grand children

80year old walked to Ukrainian soldiers to be enlisted

picture of an 80year old man has gone viral on the Internet. The old man bravely walked to Ukrainian soldiers to be enlisted in the army to fight Russia. The picture has since gone viral on the Internet and people won’t stop talking about it.

Here are some reactions on twitter

“Please tell me how to help I would come and fight for you if the US government would let me” a United States military soldier (tbyrd2025) said.

There have been a lot of people who wanted to join the Ukrainian army ever since Putin started the war.

“If every single person would press enter once, entire Russia’s Infrastructure would collapse instantly. That’s why even small help is absolutely crucial. Help if you can, even if it seem small” (SappCup)

“Dang this made me cry hope this man is doing good #StandwithUkraine” (Martinez050408)

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According to new portals, the old man said he was doing it for him grand children. He came along with a brown nice bag, carrying two boxer shorts, 2 t-shirts, a toothbrush and sandwiches.

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