95year old man marries 84year old best friend (Video)

Looking for love?. All is not lost. Never give up

The story of a 95year old man who got married to his friend who is now 84years old is mesmerising.

95year old Julian Moyle married for the first time to his friend Valerie Williams on May 19, 2022. It was a very short but beautiful ceremony for these two pairs.

Valerie said her husband does things in “an operatic manner”, which is very romantic of him. The video shared online by Walesonline when viral hours after as social media users believe its never too late to find your love.

They have both planned to relocate to Australia, where they will have their honeymoon and eventually spend the rest of their lives together. Valerie Williams said she could not “believe it” as the marriage makes her so fulfilled. Julian Moyle also described the moment as “marvellous”

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I know what he’dlike to do and he’s not going to bend me ever backwards in an operatic manner. I can believe it. Just being together, be lovely. Julian plans on going to Australia later in the year with me. But this is going to be out honeymoon” Valerie said.

Julian and Valerie first met at Calvary Church in Cardiff. And 23years after, they are finally together as lovely couple.

Julian described her woman as “kind and giving” and want to spend the rest of his life with her.

she’s so kind and giving you know. Loving and giving. I’ve heard that somewhere” Julian Moyle said.

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