A deadly virus called Marburg, which has already killed 2 people have been identified in Ghana

Ghanaian authorities claim they are currently doing contact tracing nearly 100 people

Two cases of Marburg virus have been identified in Ghana. This is the first time a West African country has encountered the Marburg virus

The world is not done with covid-19 pandemic, not to even talk about monkeypox which is currently spreading like hell fire. And now, a third deadly virus called Marburg have been identified in Africa.

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These two cases identified in Ghana precisely in the Ashanti Region were announced by Ghana Health Service after a World Health Organization Centre confirmed earlier results. The Marburg virus is said to be a very highly infectious disease similar to Ebola.

“The disease was suspected following the identification of two persons who met the case definition for an Acute Heamorrhagic Fever and reported in Adansi North District of Ashanti Region. So far, 98 contacts identified including those from Sawla-Tuna Kalba District from Savannah Regional Health Direcrorates of the Ghana Health Service”

Symptoms of this deadly disease include fever, constant bleeding from the nose and eyes, bloody diarrhoea, bleeding into the skin and bleeding from gums and bloody urine.

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Director General of Ghana Health Service Dr. Patrick Kumah Aboagye tells BBC “its one of the most deadly, with mortality rate up to 90% of cases”

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