A Nigerian woman explains the cause of the war between Russia and Ukraine

An elderly woman from Nigeria has given an expressive explanation of what exactly caused the war between Russia and Ukraine.

It would be recalled that on Thursday, February 24, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared a military operation in Ukraine with reports of troops bridging the border from numerous paths and explosions in many Ukrainian cities including the capital of Kyiv.

A Nigerian woman explains the cause of the war between Russia and Ukraine

An elderly woman has boldly explained the cause of the invasion which has ensued into a crisis that has killed so many individuals including children.

According to the woman, Russia and Ukraine both joined the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) before they fall apart.

International Criminal Court, ICC to investigate Vladimir Putin for possible war crimes against humanity

According to her words:

“Ukraine and Russia were under USSR before they got separated. After they both separated, there is some part of Ukraine that they still see as minorities. Just like the way Nigeria sees Biafra as a minority now, they are maltreating those people. It is those people who are being maltreated that Russia came to defend.

The Ukrainians are now insisting that the Russians must vacate their territory and they refused to do so and that is what has led to this war where they are both throwing bombs at each other. America has warned Russia to keep away from Ukraine but Russia also warned that if America interfere they will also throw bombs in their country.

This has put fear in the minds of everybody that all these may result in World War III because America is a world power and Russia is also a world power but Nigeria doesn’t have anything.”

She went further to reveal that Ukraine has been favorable to join NATO yet.

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