A woman from Virginia gets 12years in prison for coupon scam, leading to $31.8m retail loss

A Woman from Virginia Beach gets 12years in prison for coupon scam, leading to $31.8 million retail loss.

“A Virginia Beach woman was sentenced to 12years in prison for running one of the biggest coupon counterfeiting rings in US history that led to more than $31.8million in retail loss” NBC news report.

Lori Ann Talens who is 41years pleaded guilty to mail fraud. Investigations revealed she started this fraud in 2017to may 2020. She is said to to have an ‘extensive knowledge of how point of sale systems operate’ so she was well equipped with multiple talents and all she could do was to create counterfeit coupons.

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She is reported to have used Facebook and Telegram together with her husband to fraud people online. “Lori Ann used the online name ‘master chef’ and made counterfeit vouchers that were virtually indistinguishable from authentic coupons and were often created with inflated values” the prosecution statement read.

“This is massive counterfeit coupon scheme harmed consumers, retailers and manufacturers nationwide and the economy at large” Raj Parekh, Acting US Attorney for Eastern District of Virginia said.

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Source: NBC news

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