A Young Man Has Been Jailed for Stealing Cooked Rice

An unidentified young man, between the ages of 20-26 years, has been jailed for stealing cooked rice.

The young man gave his confession to the host of, “time with the prisoner,” and revealed that he stole the cooked rice out of hunger.

He indicated that he got caught while fetching the rice from a rice cooker into a polythene bag.

The young man’s video was shared by A-Plus, a prominent Ghanaian personality, on Facebook. Some Ghanaians have expressed their opinions on this young man’s theft.

One Facebook user said, “ah some judges, ah some Ghanaian judges, the guy’s problem is very very pathetic and disheartening, a very sad story indeed. I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a lawyer. We need different law for Ghana. This pity pity sin or offences need to sweep gutters…”

Another said, “This is very pathetic and so sad. Meanwhile, the country is full of physical people in government who have stolen billions of cedis that belong to the people yet walk free without any attempt arresting them…”

The third said, “The poor is quick to be jailed in GH and not the politicians who have amassed the tax payers’ money. Community work could have been assigned to this guy for a number of weeks or months just because of ordinary boiled rice.”

The last said, Cooked rice landed him in jail while the greedy politician who is stealing tax payers’ money is freely walking with shoulders high. This country is a joke.”

Ghanaians on Facebook are not pleased with the young man’s story. Stealing is bad but to jail someone for stealing cooked is worse. Maybe who knows, there are more hidden issues under this story.

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