Abena Korkor finds love on #daterush. Here are stunning photos of her & her love on charity works

Yesterday’s #daterush was full of surprises when former staff of TV3, Abena Korkor appeared on the show, looking so elegant and stunning. Abena Korkor revealed how she suffered mental health issues, how she was healed from her ordeal and how many people are suffering mental illness but fail to discuss it.

She found love on the show yesterday and later went to do some charity works where she was admitted about six years ago. According to her, her life really changed alot after treatment and further consultations and therapies were conducted.

“After six years, I’m able to fit into society, i have found a job. In fact i have at so many places and has interactive with my colleague workers. Now I have a couple of businesses too, and it is my turn to give back” she revealed.

With her new love, they donated some items from her proceeds from daterush. Some of her loyalists have how ever criticized TV3 why they expelled her from the network. According to them, Abena Korkor is was very eloquent on daterush show and even good on her job, and the TV station should never be the one to judge people on moral grounds.

She advised people suffering from mental health issues and encouraged them to be themselves.

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