Accept E-levy or there will be no free shs – Kusi Boafo to Ghanaians

Ghanaians must accept E-levy or suffer job losses – Kusi Boafo

Accept E-levy or there will be no free shs – Kusi Boafo

Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reforms, Kusi Boafo has made very daring comments on Kessben FM.

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Speaking on Amansan Ntie show, Kusi Boafo revealed it is for the greater good, of every Ghanaian to accept the controversial e-levy or suffer grave consequences. Speaking on the show, the Executive Officer emphasized that all Ghanaians must accept E-levy or suffer losses.

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He also said the business of the ruling government will discontinue. Road projects will stop, factory constructions will cease. Kusi Boafo also said the government’s flagship policy, free shs that brought them to power will be gravely affected.

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“Government is facing serious liquidity challenge. Revenue mobilisation is down. Either e-levy come on or we abandon the programmes we’re pursuing. So Ghanaians must be ready, we don’t like free education, stop employing our children, don’t increase wages and salaries. We will do so, and there will be no e-levy for anybody. There will be no roads for you. Schools would not be built” he disclosed

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Many Ghanaians have rejected the e-levy. Some describe it as a double tax which will cause more harm than good

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