Adele to have a concert special in America, Las Vegas

Adele is said to have a concert special in BBC America which will be broadcast by AMC.

watch her performance years ago when she visited New York

The show will happen in Las Vegas and will be aired on December 10. The all time song writer and singer will grace the concert with her newest songs and some of her greatest hits.

“Adele is set to have a concert special in BBC America broadcasted by AMC” a twitter account posted, with a screenshot of confirmation from AMC.

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Adele released one of her biggest and well played albums when she was only 19. Adele’s Hello was the first song in history to have over 7 million daily streams on Spotify.

It is also rumoured that she will be covering for Vogue in November, with a supposed line; “Adele on break ups, body image and her bold new sound” according to Stats.

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