Afena Gyan should’ve used €800 to renovate Schools in Sunyani – some Ghanaians react to Jose Mourinho’s gift

Afena Gyan should’ve used €800 to renovate Schools in Sunyani, some Ghanaians react to Jose Mourinho’s gift

Some Ghanaians are not happy AS Roma player Afena Gyan demanded €800 boot from his coach

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Jose Mourinho gifted Afena Gyan an €800 balenciaga boot hours after he promised the Ghanaian. This followed when the 18year old Ghanaian ran to his AS Roma manager after he scored a brace to remind him of his boot. He had asked his boss to buy him a balenciaga shoe.

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While many Ghanaians applaud Afena Gyan on his achievements and making it to the limelight, some think his demand for the shoe should’ve been used for something else. They believe instead of asking for the shoe, he should’ve asked that, the money be used for developmental projects in his hometown.

“Some said Afena should have used the €800 to build school in Sunyani instead of taking the shoe” one Ghanaian tweeted.

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“There are deplorable schools and poverty in Sunyani but this kid insisted on a €800 shoe. Make it make sense” another twitter account (Bitter_cola) said.

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while many criticized her for her comments, some also side with her.

“he suffered for it. Allow him to enjoy. Sunyani didn’t plead with those scouting to get him there. He worked for it. The entitlement for pepeop’s glory is too much” someone replied

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