Afghanistan dad sold his daughter for $2,200 to buy food

Afghanistan dad sold his daughter for $2,200 to buy

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Reports reaching has it that one Afghanistan father Parwana Malik sold his own 9year old daughter for $2,200 to buy food for other children of his family reports say. She was sold to a stranger so her family and her siblings can survive according to CNN

Parwana Malik, father of the nine year old told the buyer “this is your bride. Please take care of her, please don’t beat her. You are responsible for her now” but Qorban, the buyer made him aware he was not buying his daughter for marriage because he already have a wife but was taken her as a worker and member of the family.

“Parwana was cheap and her father was very poor and needs money. She will be working in my home. I will be kind” he said

There is currently a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover. Antonio Guterres and the United Nations earlier raised concerns about the situation in Afghanistan noting that the country was sitting on a time bomb and citizens may face hardships

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In the past four years, Parwana and her family have stayed in Qala-e-Naw, a displacement camp in Afghanistan in Badghis province.

The parents revealed they have no option because they have been surviving on humanitarian aid all these years. According to them, they survive doing menial works every day, making just few dollars. But now life is becoming more difficult for them after Taliban toppled Kabul.

Source: CNN

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