Humanitarian crisis looms in Afghanistan, UN appeals for $5billion support

Over half of Afghanistan citizens can’t fend for themselves. United Nations says Afghanistan is on the edge of collapse

Humanitarian crisis looms in Afghanistan, UN appeals for $5billion support

Afghanistan face humanitarian crisis, United Nations appeal for $5billion support

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The UN has has asked its partners and donors across to the world to urgently support Afghanistan

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres had earlier warned Afghanistan was in the brink of collapse. The UN chief warned days after Taliban ceased Kabul.

Today millions of children are starving. Families are selling their children to be able to look after other siblings. Read articles below where a father sold his female child to a stranger

Afghanistan dad sold his daughter for $2,200 to buy food

Afghanistan family sells their 8 & 7 year children into marriage to feed other siblings

The United Nations is calling the world especially super powerful Nations not to neglect the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

“people in Afghanistan face one of the world’s most rapidly growing humanitarian crisis. The UN and partness launch response plans to help 28 million people in urgent need in Afghanistan and the region” UN reports.

The White House had earlier made donations in this regard. Today it announced additional $308million offering new aid to the country.

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