Afghanistan family sells their 8 & 7 year children into marriage to feed other siblings

● Afghanistan family sells their 8 and 7 year children into marriage to feed other siblings

● These Afghanistan families sold out their female daughters into early marriage.

● Reports that the practice has been ongoing in th county

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The two children, Benazir who is eight and seven years old Saliha are both ‘hunger brides’ in Afghanistan.

‘hunger bribe’ is a term for daughters who are given out for marriage at a tender age due to hunger. The girl child is sold so the money will be used to look after her other siblings.

United Nations has warned the country was in the brink of collapse after Taliban takeover. Antonio Guterres had earlier said the country could face the worse humanitarian catastrophe (Video) Afghanistan faces a looming humanitarian catastrophe – UN Secretary General to hold a β€˜high level’ conference

Things have not been the same after the fall of Kubal in August 2021. Weeks ago, Taliban banned the use of all forms of foreign currencies in the country, worsening the country’s economic woes. Taliban bans use of foreign currency in Afghanistan

A family who have been on menial works told news reporters they have no option than to sell their daughter to feed the rest of the family. Afghanistan dad sold his daughter for $2,200 to buy food

The couple who have stayed in a humanitarian camp for years said they have no other option.

Taliban toppled Ashrah Ghani’s government in August after American troops retreated from a 20year war and left the country.

There have been series of attacks after Taliban invasion. Former President of the United States, Donald Trump in 2017 warned ‘a hasty withdrawal will create a vacuum for terrorists including ISIS in Afghanistan (Video) A hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan will create a vacuum for terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda – President Trump warned in 2017


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