Afghanistan: Taliban troop whip people on the street for wearing Westernized clothing, such as jeans

Following their takeover of Afghanistan, Taliban warriors are apparently whipping Afghan civilians on the streets for wearing ‘westernized’ clothing, such as jeans.

Several civilians have reported being beaten and whipped by Taliban members for wearing jeans subsequent to being accused for disrespecting Islam.

According social media post, the boys were ‘walking with friends in Kabul’ when they were approached by Taliban warriors. Two of their friends escaped, as per the youth, but the others were held at gunpoint and beaten and whipped on the street.

As indicated by local newspaper Etilaatroz, a Taliban official said the movement was still deciding on the dress code for men, but reports propose the Taliban is reluctant to permit ‘westernized’ clothing that deviate from traditional ‘Afghan dress.’

The Telegraph recently reported that sales of burqas in Afghanistan have increase twofold because of a twofold increase in price.

As per the Telegraph, Etilaatroz paper reported that over the weekend that one of its journalist was beaten for not wearing ‘Afghan dress, such as full-body gown.

During the Taliban’s past rule in the late 1990s, men were needed to wear customary robes, while young ladies were needed to wear a burqa starting at eight years old.

Amnesty International uncovered last month that Taliban warriors slaughtered nine ethnic Hazara men after seizing control of the country’s Ghazni territory.

As per nearby reports, the jihadist group executed in cold blood a regional police boss who faced the Taliban.

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