Africa fastest man advance to semi finals of the 2022 World Athletic Championships despite late arrival due to US visa delays

Kenyan Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala has qualified for the semi finals of the 2022 World Athletic Championships in Oregon, America

BBC news caster Nancy Kacungira was first to report the story of the Kenyan Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala on how his US visa had been delayed and reached Oregon only three hours to the main event.

Nancy Kacungira took to her twitter platform to tell the world how Ferdinand got his US visa only 24 hours to the 2022 World Athletic Championships.

“Africa’s fastest man, Ferdinand Omanyala, got his visa 24 hours before the race of his life. A flight from Kenya to Oregon is 18+ hours. He has three hours after landing to clear customs, got to the arena, pick accreditation, warm up then compete with the other well-rested athletes” she posted.

Her post minutes after went viral, with a lot of people raising their concerns.

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Ferdinand Omanyala arrived in the United States on time, made the race in the remaining three hours, finishing third. He managed to qualify against all odds he may have encountered prior the race.

Despite all the challenges, Africa fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala was very optimistic and confident of going to the United States and participating in 2022 world Athletic Championships.

“Visa challenges are faced by all Kenyans and people daily, in this case i was no different” he emphasized.

He also told his fans he would be participate in the 2022 commonwealth games which will commence two weeks from now in the United Kingdom

“I will also be competing in the commonwealth games in Birmingham July 28th. Looking forward to making all Kenyans proud”

congratulations to him

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