Africa is a cemetery -President Vladimir Putin

Putin says Africa is a cemetery

● Africa is a cemetery – President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the African continent is like “a cemetery grounds for Africans”

According to him, many Africans believe there is nothing good about Africa so when they’re rich, they go to Canada, the United States of America and some parts of Europe for vacation. They give foreign names to their children and make them school outside Africa.

Also when African leaders are sick, instead of them receiving treatment in their countries, they rush to Europe, America or even come to Russia. They don’t believe in their own systems.

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“When an African entrepreneur becomes rich, he will send his money and gold to Switzerland, he is going to France for medical treatment. He invested in Germany, he is buying houses Dubai, and consumes Chinese products. Praying in Rome or Mecca.

Their children are studying in Europe or Canada, and they all take Western Nationalities. They travel to Canada, USA, and all over Europe for tourism. If he dies, he will be buried in his home country what he did not care for in Africa.

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Africa is nothing but cemetery to the African. How would they develop a country that they have turned to cemetery?” Putin concludes by asking a question.

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