Africa to host its first Grammys as Lady Dentaa and CEO of Grammys meet Veep Dr Bawumia

Both parties discussed possibilities of Africa hosting her first Grammys

The meeting between Ghana’s Veep Dr Bawumia and CEO of Grammys, led by Lady Dentaa was based on the possibility of Africa hosting its first Grammys. The question is where is the great event like to be help on the African continent?.

Very well, all discussions started from Ghana so its likely to be hosted there all things being equal.

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Lady Dentaa posted a beautiful picture of herself,CEO of Grammys and Vice President of Ghana as they discuss “innovative ways to appreciate the creative industry in Africa

“Our conversations and interest of hosting the Grammys seems to have a headstart between Ghana’s vice president and the CEO of Grammys” Lady Dentaa posted on her page.

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