Agbogbloshie scrap dealers angry as their shops are razed down. Ghana police fire shots (video)

In a video, the market women and scrap dealers of Agbogboshie market, one of the biggest markets in the country complain bitterly as their shops are razed down to zero.

“We’re not foreigners, we are also Ghanaians, day in day out that’s what you have been doing. They didn’t give as even Ghs1. They have destroyed our businesses, now we can only go to our villages” the angry scrap dealers lament terribly.

But according to Accra Regional Minister Hon Henry Quartey who led the operation this morning revealed that, they have given notices to these market people for quite sometime now.

“Nobody is staying here today, everyone is moving out of this market. We have given them notice for a long time. Over seven months and they are still here” he told JoyNews.

In a new video, Ghana police fired shots at some individuals who they describe us ‘criminals’ who want to take advantage of the situation.

Also, reports reaching has it that some market women have already started settling down at their newly created market at Adjen Kotoku. Subscribe to this we6as we keep you informed.

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