Akon: Sarkodie’s talent is extraordinary

Popular musician, songwriter and producer, Akon has showered praises on Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie for his enormous contribution to the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

According to Akon, said that he couldn’t get the singer to be on his record label, his ( Sarkodie) talent is really an extraordinary thing.

Akon: Sarkodie's talent is extraordinary

According to Akon words:

“We had plans to make him so much bigger but I think at the time his agenda was more focusing on Ghana, which worked for him. And I think that it was a plan that worked. I always say he’s the artist that got away.”

Speaking about #PulsexKalyJaySpace, the singer revealed that whatever happened the Sarkodie and himself(Akon) he would make sure he has good people and well connections so that it could be better.

He said:

“He really could have been a huge poster boy to everything that we were doing. But regardless of what was happening on that end in Ghana, I did everything I needed to do in the US, with or without the connections, because I needed to see him make it so I everything that I could push, or every button that I can press on this end to give him an easier path to make it in the US.

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I definitely did it, and I think it all worked out cause he ended up getting the BET Award, so it worked out.”

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