Aliou Cisse wins Afcon trophy for Senegal 8years after his appointment

Aliou Cisse wins first Afcon trophy for Senegal

β–‘ Aliou Cisse wins Afcon trophy for Senegal 8years after his appointment

Senegalese Coach, Aliou Cisse wins Africa Cup of Nations title for Senegal. Aliou Cisse’s calm and well collected attitude what everyone is talking about. He faced many criticisms and public ridicule all these eight years in charge. But he stood firm to achieve his dream. To make sure one of his biggest dreams manifest. Aliou Cisse wanted to win the Africa Cup of Nations at all costs.

Watch Sadio Mane’s goal that won Senegal the 2021 Afcon trophy

Aliou Cisse had already led Senegal to two Africa Cup of Nations tournaments. He first captained Senegal to Afcon2002 but they couldn’t win, he was years on given the top job as Head Coach in 2015. In 2019, he gain led his people to the tournament this time not as a captain but Coach; again he lost. Read his history here Aliou Cisse led Senegal to all 3 Afcon finals. Here is why

As Head Coach, he successfully delivered what Senegalese have been yearning for all these years. They had never won an African Cup. While citizens of other nations boasts about the number of times their country’s had won the trophy, Senegalese only cover themselves in shame during arguments relating to Afcon trophy. But that is over now.

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Yesterday, February 6 2021 was a new beginning for the people of Senegal. A day they will probably never forget as a nation. Their very own, Aliou brought them honour, dignity and pride. He brought them the highest trophy on the continent (Africa Cup of Nations), making the West African country the best on the continent. Congratulations to him.

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