Allow Moesha from gossip, social media bickering & negative talking – family to Ghanaians

“We further note with disappointment an audio recording circulating on social media purported to be her brother. We condemn the contents of the recording and categorically state that it is not her brother”

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Family of Moesha Doudong released statement hours after one Nelson who says he’s a brother to the actress released an audio citing of how a Nigerian senator made her go mad.

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Nelson who also says he’s Moesha’s PA narrates a story how he saw some occultic stuff from Moesha’s boyfriend from Nigeria. In a call with Salma Munin, Nelson who calls himself the PA of Moesha told Munin everything. Now that information is on social media and the family of Moesha want the public to at least give their daughter some privacy while she tries to heal from her old ways to the very new life she found when she discovered Jesus christ.

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“we believe Moesha has the right to a new beginning in christ and a chance to make right her life. We’re pleading with all persons to please allow her time from gossip, bad mouthing, social media bickering and negative talking to find herself. we support the decision she has taken and will support her in any positive way to help her find her real self” the family said in the statement.

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Weeks ago, the actress and curvy social media sensation announced how she nearly took her own life after given her life to Jesus, revealing how difficult it is to give yourself to Jesus christ. But days afterwards, she started selling almost all of her assets, something many Ghanaians found unreasonable.

Here’s the full statement below. click to read

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