America adds 531,000 jobs to its economy in October

America adds 531,000 jobs to its economy in October.

Reports that America has added 531,000 jobs in October alone, decreasing unemployment rate by 4.6%. This signals a strong rebound of the economy.

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Reports that that the 4.6% reduced unemployment drastically. Areas of job gain in October are leisure and hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, warehouse etc according to CNN.

Hospitality sector faced massive crisis in the pandemic recession after countries restricted travels. The sector still face about 1.4 million of job shortages.

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“This is the kind of recovery we can get when we are not sidelined by a surge in covid cases. The labour market is not yet fully recovered from the coronavirus-imduced recession. But today’s report is a sign that recovery could be closer than many thought” Economic Research Director, Nick Bunker said.

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The US economy is said to have added over 18 million jobs since the recovery begun. The labour department said it added about 795,000 jobs in August and September. This is another win for the Joe Biden administration

Source: CNN

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