America orders its embassy staff to leave Ukraine (Video)

America says no US citizen should travel to Ukraine as Russia invasion intensifies

● America orders its embassy staff to leave Ukraine, tells citizens not to travel to Ukraine.

The United States of America orders its embassy staff to leave Ukraine. The Country also warns all citizens travelling, or about to embark on any journey to Ukraine to stop.

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There have been rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine for sometime now. President of Russia had earlier warned that, there will be more problems if Ukraine join NATO.

In a press briefing Mr. Vladimir Putin said Ukraine would probably have more weapons if it joins NATO but the world should know Russia is a leading manufacturer of nuclear weapons. Watch interview here

U.S Department of state has revealed that from Sunday February,13 2022, all consular activities or services in Kiev will be suspended until further notice. The directive also stated that the embassy will maintain little consular presence in Lviv to take care of emergency issues.

President of the United States, Joe Biden and Putin will hold a meeting on Saturday February 12 as fear rise of nearing war in Ukraine.

Some Ukrainians have been preparing to leave the country before tensions rise.

“I love Ukraine but I will not die for it” one Ukrainian, Liza, 26 says she is preparing to leave the country according to The Economist.

U.S National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has disclosed that there is a looming war in Ukraine and Russia may invade it any moment. He emphasized that, President Joe Biden is not ready to risk the lives of Americans in uniform, Now This revealed

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