America sends special envoy to Ethiopia as Tigray conflict intensifies with women being raped

The United States of America has sent a special envoy to Ethiopia as Tigray conflict intensifies. Things are not looking good as many have been killed, women raped and many others displaced

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CNN reports how Ethiopian troops have “subjected hundreds of women and girls to sexual violence in Ethiopia’s War-torn Tigray region” according to a new report by Amnesty International it said

Months of conflict in Tigray is far spreading into other areas of Ethiopia. The conflict has brought immense torture, division and suffering to Ethiopia.

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White House national security adviser jake Sullivan had earlier on announced a trip by envoy Jeffrey Feltman, asking Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF and Ethiopia’s government to come to the negotiating table after almost a year of conflict (nine months).

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The United Nations had had warned in July that, more than 100,000 children in Tigray are likely to suffer life threatening malnutrition months ahead.

As we speak, many have already been displaced, raped and lost their lives.

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