America to ship first 500 million of Pfizer covid-19 vaccine to Rwanda as pledged by President Biden

Rwanda will receive 488,370 Pfizer covid-19 vaccine from the United States of America. President Joe Biden had promised that, America will be shipping the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine to the East African country

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They’re the first shipment as part of President Biden’s pledge he made at G-7 summit, a group of seven nations when he said America will ship 500 million. “The shipment will provide a steep boost to Rwanda’s inoculation campaign, which has given out one million shots so far, enough for 4.3% of the population” Bloomberg analyzed.

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United States is said to ship first consignment this week through Covax, the global vaccine sharing initiative.

“The shipment includes 188,730 doses that are the first installment under an agreement Biden struck at the G-7 meeting, and another 300,000 from surplus U.S government supplies, which the U.S has been shipping off steadily” Bloomberg reports

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