How Andrew Tate got arrested in Romania for alleged human trafficking and rape

Socialite Andew Tate was yesterday arrested in Romania

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania over an alleged human trafficking and rape case. He was arrested together with his brother. But what really triggered his arrest?. How was the Romanian authorities managed to get his location and finally got him apprehended?.
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Andew and Greta Thunberg had what I’ll call a battle on Twitter where the former was defeated. He literally started the whole fight by calling out the climate activist and making mockery of her and her climate action campaigns, boasting of his luxurious possessions etc.
Check tweet below

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

Let’s also note that he had being under investigation since 2021 over an alleged human trafficking and rape case. Read statement by Romanian authorities below

Now here’s how Romanian authorities were able to apprehend him. After Greta’s reply, he posted a video of him condemning her reply but during the process, he demanded for a pizza, Jerry’s Pizza. A Romanian made pizza for that matter. Seeing the video online, Romanian authorities became more sure of his location. He was right there with them in Romania. It was a big moment to them, they’ve finally got their ‘big meat’. They needed prove that Andrew Tate was in the country so they used his own social media post.

Watch Video below

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