Another Ukrainian journalist killed by Russian missile in her apartment

Several journalists have been victims of Russian shelling since the war begun

Another Ukrainian journalist, Vira was murdered in Ukraine. A Ukrainian journalist was killed by Russian missile in her own apartment yesterday according reports.

Vira Hyrych was bomed on April 28, 2022 just few hours after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres left Ukraine.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was in Ukrainian capital Kyiv to see things for himself. The UN chief described the situation in Ukraine as “evil and absurdity”. Read more:β€œWar is evil” the eye of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Ukraine

There have been constant shelling by Russian soldiers when during amd after his visit, some of which killed beautiful Vira Hyrych.

Vira Hyrych was a broadcast journalist and producer. She worked for Free Europe until her sudden demise. Vira lived at the lower floor of the residential building Russian soldiers bomed yesterday.

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Frank Viacorka revealed Vira was his former colleague. He also disclosed that “a Russian rocket hit her apartment in Kyiv yesterday. Her car is in the photo. This morning, her body was found. Condolences to the family and colleagues” Frank said.

Here’s her car below

Vira was one of the victims of Russian shelling in Ukraine. Several journalists have been killed since the war begun, including American Journalist Brent Renaud US Journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian soldiers, and many others.

Msy their souls rest in peace.

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