Anti-semitism fuse must not be allowed to burn – Pope Francis in Budapest, Hungary

Anti-semitism must not be allowed to burn – Pope Francis in Budapest, Hungary.

Leader of Catholic Faith, Pope Francis says we must not allow anti-semitism to burn across the world. Yesterday the man of God announced he was going to begin “Apostolistic journey to Budapest and Slovakia, I ask everyone to accompany me in prayer” Pope revealed on twitter.

He arrived in Budapest early hours of Sunday where he preached against the rise in anti-semitism. Pope who is a great advocate for globalism said the world must frown on the rise of anti immigration policies and anti-semitism.

“I think of the threat of anti-semitism still lurking in Europe and elsewhere. This is a fuse that must not be allowed to burn and the best way to defuse it is to work together positively and to promote fraternity. Whenever we were tempted to absorb the other, we were tearing down instead of building up. We must be vigilant and pray that it never happens again” he said.

There are about 75,000 to 100,000 Jews in Hungary which is the largest number of Jews in Central Europe according to the world Jewish Congress with most of them in Budapest.

Source: Reuters

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