Antonio Rudiger gets late equaliser for Real Madrid with serious injury (Video)

Antonio Rudiger equaliser

Former Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger gets a late equaliser for Real Madrid with a serious injury.

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Antonio Rudiger who left Chelsea for Real Madrid this season scored a 95th minute goal for the club after Toni Kroos’s cross from the left wing. Ending the game, Kroos shouted his name, asking him to run towards the 18 box as if he knew he would score. He knew was a finisher. An excellent cross from him finds Rudiger’s head but he got very hurt after his goal because he had crashed with the keeper.

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When interviewed after the match, Rudiger said “the Real Madrid shirt is white, it can stain of mud, sweat and even blood, but never of shame”

His fearless performance and statement after the match resonates in the minds of Real Madrid fans as they celebrate him on social media. Many of them have nothing to say but to call him a true warrior. He’s truly a Real Madrid warrior.

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Antonio Rudiger told Chelsea on countless occasions on his salary. He wanted to stay and continue to play gor the club but the English club thought his demands were too high. Read more here:Rudiger says he feels great at Chelsea but his stay depends on the club. Now he’s comfortably playing for Real Madrid, and living the best of his life. He’s undoubtedly one of the best defenders in the world if not the best.

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