Any man that asks his woman money doesn’t love her & has no respect for her – Nigerian lady says

Any man that asks his woman money does not love her and has no respect for her

According to the Nigerian lady who happens to be a medical student, it is not a good practice for a man to demand money from his woman. She revealed that any man who does that definitely have no respect for his woman and just using her.

(@Goodness Adeosun) on twitter revealed that she never asks money from her men so she sees no reason why a man should be demanding money from his woman

“I don’t ask my men for money when I’m in need. I have my siblings to ask money from, I have my parents” Adeosun said, backing her opinion.

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“Any man that asks you for money doesn’t love you. Don’t let him fool you. Don’t come here and tell me that, we women do that to” she said

She also revealed that only married people are suppose to receive and ask money so any man who continue to demand money while in relationship simply has zero love for you and has no respect for his woman

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“If he does, it means he has no respect for her or he’s using her. No woman should ever supply a man with money if they are not married. If a man with money is handling his responsibilities properly, he shouldn’t need to take money from a woman. If he’s not, why would you want him in?” She ask.

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