Anything then you pull a gun, I will destroy your brand – Kevin Taylor to Stonebwoy (video)

Seems the fight between Stonebwoy and Kevin Taylor is not ending anytime soon. Kevin in his latest live broadcast threatened Stonebwoy to end his career. The social media commentator was very furious in his latest broadcast, sending warnings to reggae dancehall artiste Stonebwoy

Just last week, Stonebwoy was on Hiztfm, expressing his dissatisfaction and sentiments on how Kevin threatened his family. In one of Kevin Taylor’s live broadcast, he blast Stonebwoy for not coming forward to make any official statement to condemn how things are going on in Ghana and to throw his support for ‘fix the country’ protest currently ongoing.

He noted that things are very bad in this country and his family could soon be a target to armed robbers.

Well Kevin Taylor once again released another video condemning Stonebwoy to be watchful if not, he will destroy his career

According to Kevin Taylor, Stonebwoy including most Ghanaian celebrities are the ones flaunting their wealth on social media so if these hungry Ghanaians are targeting anyone, It will definitely be them.

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