(Video) Apontsi na wu fr3 honorable, come on be serious – Abeiku Santana to AY Poyoo, tell production to send his smelling goat away

Abeiku Santana on United showbiz asked production team of United showbiz on UTV to send away AY Poyoo’s smelling goat. AY Poyoo appeared on United showbiz with his a goat, telling the panelists that, he didn’t actually plan to bring the goat but he saw it on his way to the studio and decided to bring it along because he’s the goat.

Radio show host, Abeiku Santana later asked him whether he thinks he can make it or survive in the industry, given him example how Oneluv Kubolor came into the scenes with his barefoot style. Ay Poyoo insists he’s the one who’ll one day bring Grammys to Ghana.

He later asked his production team to send his smelling goat away and apologized to those watching the show including Bull Dog and Arnold Baidoo in the studio.

But fans of Ay Poyoo are not very happy with the utterances of Abeiku Santana. Some too are not very happy with Ay Poyoo because to them, this his behaviour wont keep him long in the industry.

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