Arsenal trash Chelsea 4-0 with Gabriel Jesus winning Man of the Match (Video)

Arsenal’s newly signing is already living up to expectations as he won Man of the Match in pre-season match. Brazilian Gabriel Jesus shines as he scored beautifully

Arsenal beat Chelsea terribly in the United States as they fight for the Florida Cup. Gabriel Jesus was crowned Man of the Match as he scored a fantastic goal for the Gunners, announcing his arrival to the club.

Gabriel Jesus who was signed for $54million from Arsenal rivals Manchester City has already proving his worth in club as everything looks like he’s the number 9 Arsenal have been craving for all along.

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Thomas Tuchel have expressed his disappointment with the performance, saying most of the players are seeking other alternatives. He told Sky Sports the team is not currently competitive this season. According to him, their opponent, Arsenal were simply committed and they were mentally and physically ready, something they couldn’t match.

“I think we deserve to lose which is fair enough because we were simply not good enough. There’s also a level of mental commitment of which we lack because we have a lot of players who think of leaving and looking for other options and we have players who left ” Tuchel said

Tuchel admitted though they already signed two players, there’s the need to do moreThe club is still trying to sign players this season. They have already signed Koulibaly and Raheem Sterling

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Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the big names but Tuchel said the club is focused on building a strong defence. But its obvious they really need to do more work on their attackers and Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best bet at a moment. Here’s why

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